“Poroplörinää”, i.e., Reindeer Deep Lecture

Sauli Laaksonen

slide from lecture by Sauli Laaksonen, 2020

Associate Professor in Helsinki University and a veterinarian specialised in deer animals, Sauli Laaksonen tells us about reindeer and its place in the Arctic and possible future in a changing climate.

Please click on this link to Sauli Laaksonen Lecture on Reindeer, or watch it below. Please be aware that some of these images may feel gruesome, as we are learning about parasites residing in reindeer.

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Pauliina Jokela

Still "Vedenalainen/Underwater" by Pauliina Jokela 2020
Underwater experiments 2016 – 2020. Being underwater creates a dreamy feeling of being in the right place. The feeling of not belonging or perplexity drowns in complete presence.
Blue West NATO base, Marraq, Greenland. Photo credit: Matti Tanskanen

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